Sequence® Champion Primer & Power Primer Pump Replacement Parts


SKU: 1000.0411

The following replacement parts fit Sequence® Primer Champion external pumps (3700PRM21, 4900PRM21, 6600PRM24) AND Sequence® Power Primer external pumps (6300PRM77, 8100PRM81, 9300PRM83).

Part No.
Description Compatible Pumps
1000.0411 Fresh Water Seal Primer Champion / Power Primer Pumps
1000.0414 Salt Water Seal
1000.771-L Lid
1000.771-O Lid O-Ring
310-7410 Impeller 3700PRM21, 6300PRM77
310-7420 Impeller 8100PRM81
310-7430 Impeller 4900PRM21, 9300PRM83
310-7450 Impeller 6600PRM24
319-1500 Base Primer Champion / Power Primer Pumps
8000.030 Bracket
8000.061 Large O-Ring
8000.070 Volute
8000.120 Diffuser
8000.121 Diffuser O-Ring
8000.141 Diffuser Plate
8000.778 Strainer Basket
819-0018 Diffuser Screws, 2pc
819-4360 Impeller Screw
M1360 Motor Primer Champion Pumps
M3431 Motor Power Primer Pumps

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