Sequence® Titan Pump Replacement Parts


SKU: E024B70

The following replacement parts fit the Sequence® Titan pumps (12000SEQ21, 1800SEQ45, 31500SEQ180).

Part No.
E024B70 Impeller Cap O-Ring, Buna
E024V70 Impeller Cap O-Ring, Viton®
EPS-200 Motor Shaft Protective Sleeve
G1.0423 Impenatra® II Seal, Carbon-Graphite/Viton®/Silicon Carbide
G1.0443 Impenatra® II Seal, Graphite/Viton®/Silicon Carbide
G1.0451 Impenatra® II Seal, Silicon Carbide/Viton®/Silicon Carbide
G1.401 Bearing Pedestal
G1.502 Pump Hardware Kit
G1.601 Seal Kit: All Essential O-rings & Gaskets for Appropriate Pumps
G123 Flange Hardware Kit for Pump Discharge
G127 Flange Hardware Kit for Pump Inlet
G130 Slinger, 3.5" OD
G20000.05 Impeller, Full OD, Noryl®
G20000.05T Impeller, Trimmed OD, Noryl®
G201 Impeller Cap, Noryl®
G201 B ASM Impeller Cap Assembly, Buna
G201 V ASM Impeller Cap Assembly, Viton®
G203 B Pump Casing O-Ring, Buna
G203 V Pump Casing O-Ring, Viton®
G203060.031 GREY Bracket
G203060.070 GREY Volute
G204 B Impeller Cap Gasket, Buna
G204 V Impeller Cap Gasket, Viton®
G209 Seal Flush Port Plug N" NPT Sch 80 PVC
G209-CG-B   Seals for Appropriate Titan Pumps
G210 Drain Plug K" NPT, Polypropylene
G211 HPDE Foot for 143-145JM Motors, Set of 2
G212 HPDE Foot for 182-184JM Motors, Set of 2

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