Sequence® Titan Pump Replacement Parts


SKU: E024B70

The following replacement parts fit the Sequence® Titan pumps (12000SEQ21, 1800SEQ45, 31500SEQ180).

Part No.
E024B70 Impeller Cap O-Ring, Buna
E024V70 Impeller Cap O-Ring, Viton®
EPS-200 Motor Shaft Protective Sleeve
G1.502 Pump Hardware Kit
G123 Flange Hardware Kit for Pump Discharge
G127 Flange Hardware Kit for Pump Inlet
G130 Slinger, 3.5" OD
G20000.05 Impeller, Full OD, Noryl®
G20000.05T Impeller, Trimmed OD, Noryl®
G201 Impeller Cap, Noryl®
G201 B ASM Impeller Cap Assembly, Buna
G201 V ASM Impeller Cap Assembly, Viton®
G203 B Pump Casing O-Ring, Buna
G203 V Pump Casing O-Ring, Viton®
G203060.031 GREY Bracket
G203060.070 GREY Volute
G204 B Impeller Cap Gasket, Buna
G204 V Impeller Cap Gasket, Viton®
G209 Seal Flush Port Plug N" NPT Sch 80 PVC
G209-CG-B   Seals for Appropriate Titan Pumps
G210 Drain Plug K" NPT, Polypropylene
G211 HPDE Foot for 143-145JM Motors, Set of 2
G212 HPDE Foot for 182-184JM Motors, Set of 2

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