Shinmaywa 50CRXP2.75S 1 HP Norus XP Pump


SKU: 50CRXP2.75S

The ShinMaywa Norus XP Pump uses the same proven construction and components as the successful Norus series with the addition of an all new, high efficiency, single vane impeller. This unique impeller design produces higher flow rates than the standard Norus vortex impeller, yet still offers the same 1-1/4” solids handling capabilities, clog-free service and reduced maintenance costs. For the job that needs a little extra flow, the Norus XP is the answer. High flow rates, high efficiency, high solids handling, reliability — everything you expect from a ShinMaywa pump.
  • High efficiency continuous duty motor 
  • Single vane impeller for high flow rates and 1-1/4" solids handling
  • Stainless steel and poy amide fiber reinforced resin for corrosion resistance
  • Cast aluminum bearing housing for superior heat dissipation
  • Anti-vibration bearings for excellent structural integrity
  • Dual mechanical shaft seals: silicon carbide and carbon ceramic
  • Minimum continuous operation depth of 15.75"
  • ETL Listed
  • 2 year warranty
Volts Amps Outlet Dimensions Cord Wt
50CRXP2.75S 1 115 11 2" 9.3" Diameter x 18"H 33' 18.7lb

Model GPH @ ft of head Max Head
5' 10' 15' 20' 25'
50CRXP2.75S 10,200 8,700 6,600 4,800 2,100 26'


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