ShinMaywa Norus Pumps Replacement Parts


SKU: RK2.15

The following replacement parts are available for ShinMaywa Norus Pumps, though the repair work takes a degree of expertise.   

How to Know which Parts to Replace

  • If your direct drive pump trips your outdoor GFI but does not make noise and runs fine when plugged into a non-GFI outlet, you probably need a rebuild kit. Your pump probably just needs fresh oil, gaskets, and o-rings.
  • If your direct drive pump whirs or hesitates, but will start when you manually spin the impeller, your pump probably needs a capacitor.
  • If your direct drive pump makes a grinding sound, it probably needs new bearings.
  • If the shaft on your direct drive pump is stuck and doesn't move at all, you probably need a new pump.

Rebuild Kits
By request, we have put together rebuild kits containing the mechanical shaft seal, oil chamber upper & lower O-rings, oil gasket, and 12oz of oil. Please be advised that you can often reuse the current gaskets, and in that case all that you really need to rebuild a ShinMaywa pump is the mechanical shaft seal and oil.  

Other Parts
See table of available parts below. If you need a part not listed below, contact us and we will be happy to check into availability.

MPN Description Part
Compatible with
50CR2.15S 50CR2.25S 50CR2.4S 50CR2.75S
BL7369-A 20' Power Cord 1 X
L16590-E 32' Power Cord X X X
S45702-A Upper Ball Bearing 63 X X X X
S63123-M Lower Ball Bearing 64 X
S63123-A 64 X X X
AN7098-A Capacitor 82 X
AN5679-A X X X
1S4606-A Mechanical
Shaft Seal
132 X
2S8608-A X X X
C82938-A Impeller 160 X
C82937-A X
C82911-A X
C82907-A X
L16520-B 2" NPT Flange 199 X X X X

Thermal Overload        (Auto Cutoff)

C44847-A Lower
206 X
D52753-A X
D52751-A X X
A76511-A Oil Gasket (O-Ring Foam Crush Washer) 241 X X X X
C60083-A Motor Cover 256 X
C46897-A X X X
BL8940-A Motor Gasket 240-1 X
BL8457-A X X X
Pump Housing
240-2 X
AN0525-A Oil Chamber
Upper O-Ring
340-1 X
AN0525-C X X X
AN0525-B Oil Chamber
Lower O-Ring
340-2 X
AN0525-D X X X

340-3 & 343-2  Set of 8 Bolts & Screw O-rings (Sourced from used parts)


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