ShinMaywa Norus Pumps Replacement Parts


SKU: BL7369-A

The following replacement parts are available for ShinMaywa Norus Pumps, though the repair work takes a degree of expertise.  If you need a part not listed below, contact us and we will be happy to check into their availability. See PDF parts list below the purchase options.

MPN Description Part
Compatible with
50CR2.15S 50CR2.25S 50CR2.4S 50CR2.75S
BL7369-A 20' Power Cord 1 X
L16590-E 32' Power Cord X X X
S45702-A Upper Ball Bearing 63 X X X X
S63123-M Lower Ball Bearing 64 X
S63123-A 64 X X X
AN7098-A Capacitor 82 X
AN5679-A X X X
1S4606-A Mechanical
Shaft Seal
132 X
2S8608-A X X X
C82938-A Impeller 160 X
C82937-A X
C82911-A X
C82907-A X
L16520-B 2" NPT Flange 199 X X X X
C44847-A Lower
206 X
D52753-A X
D52751-A X X
A76511-A Oil Gasket 241 X X X X
C60083-A Motor Cover 256 X
C46897-A X X X
BL8940-A Motor Gasket 240-1 X
BL8457-A X X X
Pump Housing
240-2 X
AN0525-A Oil Chamber
Lower O-Ring
340-1 X
AN0525-C X X X
AN0525-B Oil Chamber
Upper O-Ring
340-2 X
AN0525-D X X X

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