ShinMaywa Norus XP Replacement Parts


SKU: S77873-A A76511-A TO12

The following replacement parts are available for ShinMaywa Norus XP Pumps, though the repair work takes a degree of expertise. If you need a part not listed below, contact us and we will be happy to check into their availability.

Rebuild Kits
By request, we have put together rebuild kits containing the mechanical shaft seal, oil gasket, and 16oz of oil. Please be advised that you can often reuse the current gaskets, and in that case all that you really need to rebuild a ShinMaywa pump is the mechanical shaft seal and oil.

Other Parts

MPN Description Part # Compatible Pump(s)
S45702-A Upper Ball Bearing 63 50CRXP2.75S
S63123-N Lower Ball Bearing 64
S77873-A Mechanical Shaft Seal 132
AV3495-A Impeller Gasket 154
B402244A Impeller 160
A402346C Impeller Wear Ring 161
151S0800 Impeller Nut 177
A77598-B Impeller Key 190
A76511-A Oil Gasket 241
161S0800 Impeller Washer 348-3
Flange Gasket (SPECIAL ORDER)

Lower Motor Gasket (SPECIAL ORDER)
S13387-A Thermal Overload (Auto Cutoff)
50CRXP2.75S & 50CR2.75S-1

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