Summit® Clear-Water® Barley Straw Bales

Summit Chemical

SKU: 125

Summit® Clear-Water® Barley Straw Bales are the original and best-selling barley straw pond treatment from Summit®. Barley straw is a natural pond clarifier that helps control green water and cloudy water in the backyard pond.

  • Cleans your pond without putting your fish at risk from algaecide
  • Natural filter to keep your pond clear
  • Releases enzymes to control algae
Description Treatment Volume UPC Code
125 Small Barley Bales (2/Pack) 500 gallons per bale 018506001254
130 Large Barley Bales (2/Pack) 1000 gallons per bale 018506001308
135 Jumbo Barley Bale 3000-5000 gallons 018506001353

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