Summit® Mosquito Bits® "Quick Kill"

Summit Chemical

SKU: 116-12

Summit® Mosquito Bits® "Quick Kill" were especially designed for ponds, marshes, or other areas inundated with mosquito larvae. Corn cob granules coated with BTI (a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae) kill mosquito larvae, completely eliminating them in a week or less! This fast-acting, natural product is not designed for long-term control, so you can follow treatment with Mosquito Dunks® (apply 1 week after treatment with Bits) or by adding more Bits on a biweekly basis.

Also approved to control fungus gnats in plant beds or pots! Just apply by sprinkling on the soil surface or by mixing with potting soil prior to planting!
  • Non-toxic to all other wildlife, pets, fish and humans
  • Highly effective, low impact product

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