SuperNatural Pond Treatments AllClear Pond Clarifier


SKU: 35.4001

SuperNatural Pond Treatments has been developing high-quality beneficial bacteria for more than 30 years. Bacteria are cultivated in single-species cultures for optimal growth. After culturing, drying, and preservation, microbial strains are combined into the final product.

AllClear Pond Clarifier is a natural pond cleaner comprised of bacteria and enzymes. It removes organic matter such as uneaten fish food and leaves, lowers ammonia levels, and facilitates increased dissolved oxygen.

  • Excellent for routine maintenance of ponds
  • Each ounce treats up to 1000 gallons per week
  • Safe for use around aquatic life

Use according to directions on label. Keep out of reach of children.

SKU Description Treatment Area
35.4001 AllClear Pond Clarifier, 1 Pound Up to 16,000 gallons
35.4002 AllClear Pond Clarifier, 2 Pounds Up to 32,000 gallons
35.4003 AllClear Pond Clarifier, 10 Pounds Up to 160,000 gallons

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