SuperNatural Pond Treatments ClearUp Pond Bacteria


SKU: 35.4201

SuperNatural Pond Treatments has been developing high-quality beneficial bacteria for more than 30 years. Bacteria are cultivated in single-species cultures for optimal growth. After culturing, drying, and preservation, microbial strains are combined into the final product.

ClearUp Pond Bacteria is a natural pond cleaner comprised of bacteria and enzymes. It clarifies pond water and removes suspended organic particles that contribute to cloudy water. Like other probiotics, ClearUp will help develop a helpful bacteria colony within pond filters and other areas, contributing to water quality and clarity.

  • Each ounce treats up to 1000 gallons per week
  • Safe for use around aquatic life

Use according to directions on label. Keep out of reach of children.

SKU Description Treatment Area
35.4201 ClearUp Pond Bacteria, 16 Ounces
Up to 16,000 gallons
35.4202 ClearUp Pond Bacteria, 32 Ounces Up to 32,000 gallons
35.4203 ClearUp Pond Bacteria, Gallon Up to 128,000 gallons

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