SuperNatural Pond Treatments InstaClear Pond Flocculent


SKU: 35.2001

SuperNatural Pond Treatments has been developing high-quality beneficial bacteria for more than 30 years. Bacteria are cultivated in single-species cultures for optimal growth. After culturing, drying, and preservation, microbial strains are combined into the final product.

InstaClear Pond Flocculent clears water by dropping debris to the pond floor! It can take just a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the pond size and cause of debris. InstaClear works through the flocculation process, in which suspended debris particles are clumped together to become heavy enough to fall to the pond floor or be removed by filtration.

  • Each ounce treats up to 500 gallons per week
  • Safe for use around aquatic life

Use according to directions on label. Keep out of reach of children.

SKU Description Treatment Area
35.2001 InstaClear Pond Flocculent, 16 Ounces
Up to 16,000 gallons
35.2002 InstaClear Pond Flocculent, 32 Ounces Up to 32,000 gallons
35.2003 InstaClear Pond Flocculent, Gallon Up to 128,000 gallons

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