SuperNatural Pond Treatments SupaClear Pond Clarifier


SKU: 35.1015

SupaClear Pond Clarifier clears water within a few days of application. SupaClear is a  unique, proprietary formula the removes suspended particles and attached debris from the surface of the pond.

  • Each ounce treats up to 1000 gallons per week
  • Safe for use in ponds with fish or plants

Use according to directions on label. Keep out of reach of children.

SKU Description Treatment Area
35.1015 SupaClear Pond Clarifier, 16 Ounces
Up to 16,000 gallons
35.1016 SupaClear Pond Clarifier, 32 Ounces Up to 32,000 gallons
35.1017 SupaClear Pond Clarifier, Gallon Up to 128,000 gallons
35.1025 SupaClear Pond Clarifier, 2.5 Gallons Up to 320,000 gallons

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