Complete Aquatics SustainRain® Rain Garden Systems

Complete Aquatics

SKU: SR60053

SustainRain® Rain Garden Systems from Complete Aquatics come in a variety of sizes to meet most any site requirements.

What makes the SustainRain® Rain Garden unique?
Most rain garden designs help buffer storm-water and provide a great environment during the rainy season. However, during the drier months that special garden becomes an unattractive dried-up weed patch. The SustainRain® Rain Garden System is designed to harvest and store the rain water and provide irrigation to sustain the garden during drier periods.

Complete Kit Includes:
  • Liner & Underlayment
  • Small & Large SustainTanks™
  • Wet Well with Extension & Lid
  • Pump for circulation and irrigation
  • Pipe & Plumbing Fittings
  • Hose Bib, Weeping Hose and Timer
  • Edging Material
  • Axis® Soil Amendment
  • Installation Instructions
Item Code SR60053 SR60018 SR60017
Description RG125 System RG625 System RG1250 System
Garden Size 5' x 9' 9' x 19' 9' x 19'
Water Capacity 90 Gallons 625 Gallons 1250 Gallons
Irrigation Capacity 1" per week 
for 3 weeks
1" per week 
for 5 weeks
1" per week
for 12 weeks
Mitigates Rainfall 1" over 250 sq. ft. 1" over 1000 sq. ft. 2" over 1000 sq. ft.
Small SustainTanks™ 4 4 4
Large SustainTanks™ 0 13 35
Axis® Soil Amendment 2 bags 20 bags 20 bags
Weight 164 lb 1000 lb 1375 lb

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