Kasco® Teich-Aire™ Compressor Replacement Parts

Kasco Marine

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The following replacement parts are available for the Kasco® Teich-Aire™ rocking piston compressor.

SKU Description
771014 Air Filter Element for KM-60 / KM-120 (Old Model)
771018 Air Filter Element for KM-200 and New Model Remote Air Filters
771016 40psi Pressure Relief Valve, 1/4" NPT
771087 40psi Pressure Relief Valve, 3/8" NPT
771250 Universal Compressor Mount Kit with 120V Fan
771190 Capacitor for KM-60C
771191 Capacitor for KM-60HC
771192 Capacitor for KM-120C
771193 Capacitor for KM-120HC
771180 Rebuild Kit for KM-60 (Cups, cylinders, gaskets/o-rings, valves)
771182 Rebuild Kit for old style KM-200 (Cups, cylinders, gaskets/o-rings, valves)
771290K Rebuild Kit for new style KM-200 (Cups, cylinders, gaskets/o-rings, valves)

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