TetraPond® Koi Vibrance™ Color Enhancing Food


SKU: 16359

TetraPond® Koi Vibrance™ Color Enhancing Food is a highly nutritional diet that brings out vibrant reds and yellows in Koi and ornamental goldfish. A soft pellet is easy for toothless pond fish to eat, while the easily digestible formula lets your fish use all nutrients instead of wasting them. 
  • Floating food that doesn't cloud water!
  • Ideal for all Koi and goldfish
Feeding Instructions
Feed in spring, summer & fall when water temperatures are 50° F and above.

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16359 046798163596 4.94oz
16494 046798164944 1.43lb
16485 046798164852 2.42lb
16459 046798164593 3.31lb
16486 046798164869 5.18lb
16491 046798164913 8.27lb
16458 046798164586 16.5lb

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