Atlantic Water Gardens Typhoon Shallow Water Aeration Systems

Atlantic Water Gardens


Atlantic Water Gardens Typhoon Shallow Water Aeration Systems include everything needed for lakes up to 7' in depth and 1/2 surface acres in area. System include Shallow Water Aeration Cabinet, Compressor, Weighted Tubing and Shallow Water Diffusers.

Shallow Water Aeration Cabinet
Atlantic Water Gardens Shallow Water Cabinets are equipped with everything you need for upgrading your system (except for tubing and diffusers, which are included in the Shallow Water Aeration Systems). All come with vented weatherproof heavy-duty rotomolded cabinet, integrated high output fan, filtered intake, rocking piston air compressor, manifold assembly, flow adjusters, oil filled pressure gauge and pressure relief valve installed.

Shallow Water Compressor
Linear piston compressors are the best choice for shallow water aeration, combining the rugged reliability of a piston and cylinder system with the economy and simplicity of a magnetic motor. Fully rebuildable linear piston compressors last longer than linear diaphragm systems, with fewer moving parts and less maintenance. Comes with 6' power cord.

Shallow Water Diffuser
This innovative diffuser maximizes circulation and oxygen transfer with an extruded EPDM tube for tremendous longevity. Bubble sizes that decrease as pressure rises maximize surface area for extremely efficient gas diffusion. Aeration diffusers accomodate nearly every depth and profile. Diffusers can be filled with gravel or sand to keep weighted to the bottom of the pond.

Weighted Tubing
Typhoon Pond and Lake Weighted Tubing is designed to sink fast and stay in place. High density black PVC formulation remains flexible in a wide range of temperatures for worry-free delivery of air to pond aeration systems.

Model Cabinet Compressor Tubing Diffuser
TPS200S TPS200C TPS200 (2x) TPT38100 (2x) TPSDIF
TPS400S TPS400C TPS400 (4x) TPT38100 (4x) TPSDIF

Model Watts Amps Max Flow Rate Coverage
2' Deep 4' Deep 6' Deep
TPS200S 112 0.9 110lpm, 3.9 cfm 1/8 acre 1/6 acre 1/4 acre
TPS400S 170 1.4 240lpm, 8.5cfm 1/4 acre 1/3 acre 1/2 acre

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