Ultimate Koi Clay, 100% All Natural Bentonite Clay, 5 Pounds

Ultimate Koi Clay


Ultimate Koi Clay is made of 100% all-natural bentonite clay, a hydrated aluminosillicate that is a naturally occurring source of sodium, calcium, magnesium & iron. It is ideally suited for Koi and garden ponds, as it enhances the production of enzymes in living organisms, improves water quality and removes toxins such as heavy metals, free radicals and pesticides.
  • Increases fish appetite, vigor and skin health for your pond fish
  • Facilitates more vivid colors and brighter whites in your fish
  • Enhances the production of enzymes in all living organisms
  • Beneficial to plants, adding minerals and improves disease resistance of plants
  • Dissolves well, making it easy to add to fish food, potting soil, or directly to water
  • Each pound treats approximately 800 gallons for up to 1 year
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UKC05 Ultimate Koi Clay, 5 Pounds

Application Instructions
To use directly to pond, dose at a rate of one tablespoon of Koi clay for every 1000 gallons. For the first two weeks, apply dosage every other day. After the first two weeks, apply dosage once or twice per week. To disperse, you can dissolve Koi clay into a container of pond water to pour around pond or you can form a mud ball and place beneath flowing water to disperse and dissolve.

To use in fish food, sprinkle onto moistened fish food pellets and spread out to dry for feeding later. One suggestion is to add moist pellets to a bag containing Koi clay, shake to coat, and spread out on a cookie sheet for drying. Using Koi clay in fish food removes toxins and aids digestion, leading to a decrease in waste and improvement in water quality.

To use in plants, sprinkle onto the surface of potted plants or mix into water used for watering plants. Koi clay will add minerals lacking in the soil, improving the disease resistance in your plants and even improving nutrition and flavor of vegetables.

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