UltraClear® Farm Dry Blue Organic Pond Dye Packets, 12 Ounces


SKU: 41440

UltraClear® Farm Dry Blue Pond Dye Packets is formulated to instantly dye pond water blue. This product also blocks sunlight and is an excellent tool for providing a pleasant visual appearance versus water with unsightly suspended solids floating in it. UltraClear® Farm Dry Blue is completely biodegradable. It will be neutralized by many natural pond bacteria. This means that the blue color will dissipate within a month or two, depending on the particulars of the pond in question. Best of all, this means that there is no toxic or problematic build up from use of the product. This product is a great tool for pond enthusiasts.

  • Partially blocks sunlight, reducing available energy for algae to grow
  • Completely organic, non-toxic when used properly and 100% biodegradable - no toxic build-up!
  • Very highly concentrated -- (3) 4oz packets treate an entire surface acre!
Application Instructions
Each 12oz container treats one surface acre (average depth of 4 feet). Toss water soluble packets into different areas of the pond. For best results, use half of specified dosage per treatment, waiting at least 8 hours between treatments. Repeat treatment until desired shading is achieved. Note: Excess tint may block too much sunlight, which can be harmful to aquatic plants.

Though it is an all-natural, organic formula, its highly concentrated nature means it should still be treated with the caution used with household chemicals. Keep out of reach of children.

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41440 743053414409 12oz — (3) 4oz Packets

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