UltraClear® Filter Start Beneficial Bacteria, 16oz


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UltraClear® Filter Start is a super-concentrated mixture of natural garden bacteria that work together to consume all typical pond wastes! Instead of waiting weeks for your biological filter to slowly develop an effective biomass, give it a jump start with Filter Start! Includes:

  • Nitrifying bacteria that oxidize toxic ammonia and nitrite to relatively non-toxic nitrate
  • Denitrifying bacteria that convert nitrates to completely harmless nitrogen gas
  • Sludge digesting bacteria that consume waste, dead algae, leaves, and other solids

Filter Start is an extremely concentrated product, and contains all the bacteria needed to digest pond wastes. This fast-acting liquid form helps bring your biological filter up to full capacity within days. This bacteria blend has a shelf life of one full year when unopened, and six months after opening. Filter Start is deemed by the CDC and the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) as completely harmless to humans and animals.

Application Instructions
Use when starting a new biofilter, at the start of each pond season, or after an upset such as severe overfeeding, medication, extreme temperatures or chemical shock. Use 2 ounces for biofilters with flow rates up to 180gph, and 4 ounces for biofilters with flow rates from 180-360gph. You cannot harm your pond or biofilter by overdosing; however, proper dosing can eliminate wasting product. An optional second dosage is recommended one week after the initial dose. Reapply throughout the season monthly, or as needed.

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