UltraClear® Muck Digester Tablets by ABI Inc.


SKU: 42910

UltraClear® Muck Digester reduces undesirable muck, eliminates organic build-up, reduces bottom sludge and improves water quality. These convenient, dissoluble 1 ounce tablets make it easy to treat ponds and lakes. The slow-release tablets unleash 9 strains of beneficial bacteria to attack pond sludge! No chemicals or harmful ingredients - just 100% natural, safe bacteria. Since these tablets work in low-oxygen environments (such as the pond floor), they are great solutions for treating municipal ponds, farm ponds, industrial lagoons, and commercial or residential ponds and lakes!

  • Reduces muck, organic sediment, and sludge build-up
  • Reduces nitrates and phosphates that cause murky water
  • Breaks down animal waste and removes toxic ammonia
  • Can be used all year long - even in cold weather!
  • Safe for all fish and wildlife around the pond
  • Reduces unpleasant odors

Application Instructions
Distribute tablets across surface of pond or lake, spreading evenly when possible. For small ponds, use one tablet per 1000 gallons every 2-4 weeks. For large ponds and lakes, use 64 tablets per surface area (16 per quarter acre), assuming an average depth of 4 feet.

UPC Code Size Qty of Tablets
42910 743053429106 6oz Jar 6
42900 743053429007 2lb Jar 32
42905 743053429052 4lb Jar 64
42906 743053429069 8lb Jar 128
42913 743053429137 12.5lb Case 200
42907 743053429076 25lb Case 400

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