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UltraClear® pH Higher reduces the pH in aquatic systems. pH levels less than 7 are considered acidic, while those greater than 7 are considered basic (alkaline). Most ponds and aquariums have desired pH between 6.0 and 8.5. Because most ponds and aquariums are closed systems, pH may drift away from healthy levels as time goes on. Whether you're starting out your system on the right foot, or maintaining and correcting an existing system, the easiest and safest way to control pH is with pH balance chemicals like UltraClear pH Lower and pH Higher.

How does UltraClear® pH Lower Differ from Competing Products?
Three indicators of product performance are strength, persistence and safety. UltraClear® pH Lower is a high strength formula, meaning that less is needed to affect the pH level. pH Lower is a persistent product, containing buffers that prevent dangerous pH swings. pH Lower is also a relatively safe product when compared to other pH stabilizers, with a lower risk of burns or other injury.

Application Instructions
The recommended dose is 5 ounces per 1000 gallons. First dilute into a gallon or more of water, and distribute evenly around the pond. After 8-24 hours, test the pH. If more adjustment is desired, reapply the product. In most cases, use a reduced dosage (2-3 ounces per 1000 gallons) for follow-up applications.

Note: Changing the pH too quickly can cause a shock to fish. Generally, If your pH level is significantly different than your target, it may take several days and repeated doses to reach the target pH. A general recommendation is never to change the pH by more than 0.2 units in a single dose, but each system has a unique mixture of plants and animals. Consult an aquatic specialist for a recommendation on the ideal pH level for your system.

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