Aqua Forte® UltraSieve Midi Gravity-Fed Sieve Pre-Filter

Aqua Forte

SKU: SK332

Pre-filters remove coarse dirt particles from water before it reaches the main filter, helping the filter do its job better and for longer. The Aqua Forte® UltraSieve Midi sieve filter takes water from a skimmer and/or bottom drain and runs it through a 300 micron (0.3mm) sieve, removing minuscule particles and allowing water to flow through. Increase the effectiveness of your biological filter, or combine with a bead filter for the ideal Koi pond filtration system. 
  • Can be gravity-fed or pump-fed
  • Includes 4" water inlet and 2" water outlet
SKU Model Maximum
Flow Rate
Pond Size
SK332 UltraSieve Midi 3200gph 7000gal 21.8" x 10.4" x 28.8"

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