GC Tek UniClear Water Polishing Filters

Grand Champion Technologies

SKU: UniClear 2.5

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Do you have clear water, yet your fish appear yellow? This discolored, but not cloudy, water is caused by tannins that build up in the water. UniClear Water Polishing Filters from Grand Champion Technologies remove the tannins that cause discolored water by using high grade coconut shell carbon. These filters give a true final polish to the water, for the clearest water attainable!

You can use two 3-way valves during installation, so that the water only flows through the UniClear when you need to remove color from the water. Once the color is removed, you can then resume normal flow which will reduce the overall cost of running your pump.
  • Comes with a complete charge of replaceable carbon
  • Can remove certain medications from ponds after treatment
Model Size Max Pond Size
UniClear 2.5 2.5 cubic feet 10,000 gallons
UniClear 4.0 4.0 cubic feet 17,000 gallons
UniClear 6.0 6.0 cubic feet 25,000 gallons

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