Matala Rebuild Kit for VersiFlow Pumps


SKU: RK-V3200/3900

These rebuild kits for Matala VersiFlow pumps include everything needed to revitalize the pump, including seals, o-rings, gaskets and 25cc of replacement oil in this kit. 

Note: Bearings are not included in this kit. If the pump is loud or grinding, bearings are most likely the issue. Contact us for more information about purchasing and replacing bearings.

How to know which parts to replace:
  • If your direct drive pump breaks the GFI on our outdoor receptacle but does not make noise and runs when plugged into a non-GFI outlet, you probably need a rebuild kit. Fresh oil, gaskets, and O-rings may fix your pump. This is true in most cases.
  • If your direct drive pump whirs or hesitates but will start when you help get the impeller spinning manually, your pump probably needs a capacitor.
  • If your direct drive pump makes a grinding sound it probably needs new bearings. 
  • If the shaft on your direct drive pump is frozen and doesn't turn at all, you probably need a new pump.

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