W. Lim Corporation Bio Wave Plus Filter

W. Lim Corporation

SKU: 2401

For more than 20 years, W. Lim Corporation has provided premium pumps and filters in the Koi industry, offering efficiency, quality and performance.

The Bio Wave Plus Filter is a high-performing, energy-efficient filter designed to provide a large surface area for beneficial bacteria populations. The filter works excellently with low-amperage pumps, giving high performance at low operational cost. The side-mounted multiport valve allows you to easily switch between filtration, backwash, waste, recirculation, and rinse cycles.

During backwash cycles, the air blower causes the Bio Wave Media to mix and tumble without clogging or channeling. It cleans old bio flocks while preserving the useful bacteria within the filter.

Each filter includes:

  • Pressure gauge to alert you when the filter needs cleaning
  • 6-position side-mounted multiport valve body
  • 2hp air blower unit for backwashing
  • Waste line to drain water and sludge
Description Maximum
Pond Size
Recommended Pairing
Bio Wave Plus Filter 36
6000 gallons
36 sq. ft. UVS-10 Wave UV Clarifier
Bio Wave Plus Filter 48 8000 gallons
48 sq. ft. UVS-20 Wave UV Clarifier
Bio Wave Plus Filter 60 10000 gallons
60 sq. ft. UVS-20 Wave UV Clarifier

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