W. Lim Corporation Dragon I External Pumps

W. Lim Corporation

SKU: 0302

For more than 20 years, W. Lim Corporation has provided premium pumps and filters in the Koi industry, offering efficiency, quality and performance.

The Dragon I Series external pumps are ideally suited for Koi ponds and aquaculture. These pumps aim for peak performance with custom-built Marathon motors and a built-in leaf basket that reduces restriction for optimal flow rate.

  • Self-prime capable pump great for use with bead filters
  • Built-in leaf basket includes easy-open cam lock lid
  • Split motor capacitor and bigger fan keep motor cool for longer life
  • Enclosed bearings and additional swing seal protects motor from water
  • Maximum flow, medium pressure TEFC motors, 1725/1425 RPM
  • Unions included on inlet and outlet fittings
  • Buna seal for saltwater use
  • Stainless steel screws
  • 3 year motor warranty
Description Max
0302 Dragon I 7000 1/4hp Pump
5940gph 21' 320W 2"
0303 Dragon I 8000 1/3hp Pump 6420gph 23' 460W
0304 Dragon I 9000 3/4hp Pump 7770gph 24' 600W
0305 Dragon I 12000 1hp Pump 9970gph 25' 990W 2.5"
0306 Dragon I 13500 1-1/2hp Pump 11,360gph 29' 1260W
0307 Dragon I 15500 2hp Pump 13,990gph 30' 1690W

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