Hikari® ClorAm-X® Ammonia, Chlorine and Chloramine Remover


SKU: 72322

Hikari ClorAm-X® is the premier pond water conditioner, destroying deadly chloramine and removing toxic chlorine and ammonia. Unlike most ammonia removers, ClorAm-X does more than just temporarily neutralize ammonia and hope the biological filter removes the ammonia before fish health is impacted — ClorAm-X® removes ammonia right away! Each ounce treats 235 gallons.
  • Destroys chloramines and removes ammonia and chlorine
  • Reduces chance of pH drop and will not affect dissolved oxygen levels
  • Non-toxic, even when used at 10X dosage (with aeration)
Do not with permanganate-based or chlorite-based treatments. Nessler's total ammonia test will give false, high (or off-scale) readings. Winkler dissolved oxygen test will give false, low (or zero) readings.

For aquarium use only - not for human medical, veterinary or food use. Keep out of reach of children. See safety data sheet for complete details.

SKU UPC Code Size Treats
72322 042055723220 5lb 18,800 Gallons
72323 042055723237 10lb 37,590 Gallons
72324 042055723244 55lb 206,730 Gallons

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