Atlantic Water Gardens ReVive Dechlorinator with Stress Reducer, 32 Ounces

Atlantic Water Gardens


Atlantic Water Gardens ReVive Dechlorinator with Stress Reducer tackles the problems associated with water changes in one go! ReVive quickly removes the toxic chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals often present in tap water, which can cause fish toxicity and even death. In addition, ReVive includes a slime coat thickener to help goldfish and Koi maintain good health in times of stress (such as water changes). This slime coat thickener helps fish recover from cuts and abrasions and even helps prevent infections.
  • Immediately removes chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals and ammonia
  • Enhances protective slime coat of fish for health and stress management
  • Use whenever adding water or moving fish
SKU Size Treatment Area
WTRV32 32oz 6,400 Gallons

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