Anjon Manufacturing Floating EcoFountain Aerating Display Fountains AEF-15000

Anjon Manufacturing

SKU: BFED15000-SCQD - 050QD - EFN15000

The Anjon Manufacturing EcoFountain simultaneously improve water conditions while creating a beautiful display! This stunning fountain uses only 624 Watts, making it an energy efficient option for homeowners.    All EcoFountains come with 3 interchangeable nozzles that create three unique displays from 6-14' high and 8-32' wide!   See photos. 
  • Easy to assemble, install, and maintain
  • Interchangeable nozzles for 3 unique displays!
  • Aerates up to a 1/2 acre pond 3-6' deep, boosting water quality and clarity
  • Asynchronous motor for adjustable flowrate (requires controller, not included)
  • Durable pump features overload sensor and vortex impeller for solids up to 1/4"
  • Operates in as little as 24" of water for versatile placement
  • Oil-free, making it completely safe for fish, wildlife and aquatic plants
  • Optional lighting can be controlled with remote, computer, tablet or phone! Lighting is not included unless purchased specifically 
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty

These Anjon fountains come with fixed or modular cords. While fixed cords are less expensive initially, we highly recommend buying this fountain with the modular cord. Then if anything happens to the cord you can buy a new cord and easily and quickly connect it to your pump without professional help making waterproof splices.      

Lights are not included with the fountain but can be purchased separately by clicking on this line which is also a link to the fountain lights

Fountain Options
SKU Description
AEF15000-30 1/2HP EcoFountain with 30' Standard Cord
 AEF15000-100 1/2HP EcoFountain with 100' Standard Cord
AEF15000-200 1/2HP EcoFountain with 200' Standard Cord
AEF15000-050QD 1/2HP EcoFountain with 50' Quick Disconnect Cord
AEF15000-100QD 1/2HP EcoFountain with 100' Quick Disconnect Cord
AEF15000-150QD 1/2HP EcoFountain with 150' Quick Disconnect Cord
AEF15000-200QD 1/2HP EcoFountain with 200' Quick Disconnect Cord


Float outside diameter is about 35"

Uses BFED15000 Pump which is 624 watts, a maximum flow rate of 15,000gph and a maximum head height of 15'

50' of nylon mooring ropes are included

Notes:  Comparing the AEF15000 to the AFF12500 you will find that the AFF12500 will create a larger display but the 15000 will throw more water and have much better aeration benefits.  If you are going for aesthetics you may find the AFF12500 to be the better choice.  However, if you are less concerned with the size of the display and are more concerned with aeration then the 15000 is a better choice.   The AEF15000 also is the less expensive and the design is efficient and durable. 

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