Aqua Ultraviolet® Bulbs to fits Emperor SMART UV Sterilizers

Aqua Ultraviolet

SKU: A20024

These replacement UV bulbs from Aqua Ultraviolet® fit Emperor ultraviolet clarifiers/sterilizers. Aqua Ultraviolet® maintains that their lamps are more effective and have higher ultraviolet output than the competition, so while the optimum output is obtained when using a complete Aqua Ultraviolet® clarifier/sterilizer, even upgrading just the bulb in an existing Emperor clarifier/sterilizer can increase the effectiveness of the unit.

SKU UPC Code Description Replaces Fits Emperor Units
A20024 617750200248 25W Bulb #FL-2542-IP SMART UV #EU25-2 & #EU25-U
A20043 617750200439 40W Bulb #FL-1957-IP SMART UV #EU40-2 & #EU40

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