Aqua Ultraviolet® Classic and Twist Series NEMA Transformers and Parts

Aqua Ultraviolet

SKU: A30080

These replacement parts and accessories are for Aqua Ultraviolet® Classic Series and Twist Series UV Sterilizer/Clarifier units. These transformers are NEMA transformers; see the separate listings below for in-line transformers, UV lamps and quartz sleeves, and other miscellaneous accessories.

NEMA Transformers are the entire transformer component. These complete transformer units come with a NEMA box, RAW transformer, wiring harness, hubl connector(s), transformer cap(s), lamp end connector(s), and power cord.

SKU UPC Code Description
A30080 617750300801 80W NEMA Transformer
A30120 617750301204 120W NEMA Transformer
A30160 617750301600 160W NEMA Transformer
A30200 617750302003 200W NEMA Transformer
A30240 617750302409 240W NEMA Transformer
A30042 617750300429 40W RAW Transformer
A30058 617750300580 57W RAW Transformer
A30082 617750300825 80W RAW Transformer
A40062 617750400624 40W Wiring Harness
A40065 617750400655 80W Wiring Harness
A40066 617750400668 120W Wiring Harness
A40092 617750400921 160W Wiring Harness
A40093 617750400938 200W Wiring Harness
A40094 617750400945 240W Wiring Harness
A40110 617750401102 Fan
A40088 617750400884 Hubl Connector
A40113 617750401133 Transformer Cap, Black
A40002 617750400020 Lamp End Connector

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