Amish-Made Fiberglass and Vinyl Buoy Lawn Ornaments

Beaver Dam Woodworks


Lawn ornament only, does NOT float

Typically ships in 3-5 business days

These durable buoys are made with a fiberglass bottom and a vinyl top. Lawn anchors and solar lights are included.  Available colors are red and white, or green and white. These ornamental buoys can even be customized with the multi-digit numbers of your choice! Post a number when ordering, if desired.

Assembly instructions:

  1. (For large buoys only) Set the tower upside down and set the bottom on it and insert the 4 screws, provided.
  2. (For all buoys) Set the buoy upright and install the solar light.
Size Height Diameter at Base Maximum Number of Digits
Small 28" 13" 3
Large 54" 25" 4

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