Amish-Made Decorative Rotating Wooden Waterwheels

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Years ago, in response to a customer's request, I went looking for a reliable source of waterwheels for ornamental ponds and streams. You'll love what I found!

Hand-crafted in Pennsylvania by a local Amish carpenter, these wooden waterwheels come complete with sealed wheel bearings and a cold-rolled steel axle. Screws and fasteners are yellow zinc coated. Yesteryear will come alive in your pond or stream when you find a creative way to include one of these beautiful turning waterwheels.

Please note that all of our Amish-made water wheels are overshoot wheels (the water is meant to flow into the wheel from the top just past the center point.)  We do not have any undershot wheels, designed for the water to turn the wheel as it flows beneath them.  We feel that an overshot wheel is more showy and traditional and are that for which the majority of our customers are looking.

Because of the inherent characteristics of wood, these waterwheels may include knots and other natural blemishes. Includes natural variations such that no two waterwheels will be identical.

The waterwheels rotate freely around a stationary axle, and as such are configured for decoration only, not for driving equipment. We recommend using with a 100gph pump for the best display. Wheel bearings are sealed and we do not recommend greasing, especially where they will be in contact with fish or other wildlife.
Waterwheels may be available with custom width or using cedar wood. Feel free to contact us for details and price quote.

Model Wheel
BYC115 14.5" 3.5" 5/8" 10"
BYC130 29.5" 6" 5/8" 13"
BYC130 Heavy Duty ("HD") 29.5" 6" 1" 24"
BYC130 Extra-Large ("XL") 29.5" 8.25" 1" 24"
BYC136 35.5" 6" 5/8" 13"
BYC136 Heavy Duty ("HD") 35.5" 6" 1" 24"
BYC136 Extra-Large ("XL") 35.5" 8.25" 1" 24"
BYC148 47.5" 6.5" 1" 24"

Typically ships in 1 week

Important: All wooden products sold unfinished should be finished immediately with a paint or stain by the customer. No wood products should be left unfinished, as they are extremely susceptible, especially to humidity or water damage, in this state. Unfinished products should not be purchased unless adequate weather-safe storage is available while the product awaits treatment.

Prop 65 Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.
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