ProEco Color-Changing LED Weir Light Strips

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ProEco Color-Changing LED Light Strips can be used with either the ProEco Stainless Steel Weirs or Acrylic Weirs. These multi-colored Controllable RGB (red, green, blue) units come with remote. Each light strip comes with a 33' power cord and is protected by a 2 Year Warranty. Also available below are a 6-way splitter or 3-meter extension cord for use with these color-changing LED Light Strips after the controller (special four wire connections) so that multiple light strips may be run off of a single controller for synchronization.    

Before the controller, standard LED splitters, extension cords and photocells may be used.

Size of LED Strip Watts Use With
11" Long 3 Watts 12" Weir
23" Long 6 Watts 24" Weir
35" Long 9 Watts 36" Weir
47" Long 12 Watts 48" Weir
59" Long 15 Watts 60" Weir

Contents: weir light with cord, transformer, cord, control box, remote control, and two small rubber grommets for use with ProEco Acrylic Weirs (Stainless Steel weirs come with their own large grommets included).

Replacement parts available HERE

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