Aquascape® Smart Pond Dosing System XT


SKU: 40040

For optimal water quality, it is important for water treatments to be added consistently and regularly. Gone is the guesswork and routine of manually adding treatments. The Aquascape® Smart Pond Dosing System automatically dispenses water treatments based on preset amounts, making consistent water treatment easy! 
  • System pairs with Aquascape Smart Control app for simple control, monitoring, and notifications
  • Control panels mounted inside hood, protected from weather conditions
  • Low treatment alert notifies you when treatment bottle is 90% empty, helping you replace treatment before it runs out
  • Holds large gallon or two 64oz treatment bottles
Apply Two Treatments Simultaneously!
The Controller Add-On Kit allows you to use two water treatments simultaneously to your pond, waterfall, or fountain. The Smart Pond Dosing System can house two 64oz water treatments, and by adding a 2nd controller, you can perform multiple treatments at once! Each controller is paired with the Smart Control app for quick and easy dosage setting, monitoring, and low treatment notifications. Each kit includes control panel, treatment intake assembly, tubing, and cables.

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827807400402 Smart Pond Dosing System XT
Controller Add-On Kit

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